Concept and development of the brand identity

[in process]

“MamaSkye” is a professional doula, you could say a spiritual midwife. I was commissioned to develop a graphic concept for MamaSkye. The most important thing was to create a logo that reflects both the vastness of the topic of birth and the connection to nature.


The name “MamaSkye” from “Mama”, the mother, and “Skye” the largest Scottish island within the Hebrides, was already established as the name for the brand. However, there was no graphic concept or communication style for MamaSyke. So I worked closely with them to develop a language and a graphic concept. The main focus was on the logo design. Based on this, mystical or magical as well as playful elements should always play a role in the brand identity.

Logo Design

When designing the logo, it was particularly important to represent both the modernity and the rootedness of MamaSkye’s work in “ancient knowledge”. The aim was to create a monumental impression that nevertheless carries the lightness and femininity of the theme. This is why the choice fell on the mythological ancient Greek font “Lithos Pro”. Starting from the bold typeface, which reflects strength and power, both the “dreaminess” and the playfulness associated with the theme of birth and the awakening of femininity were developed by customizing the glyphs.

Digital Flyer and Post

The most important point in the further design was a flyer and a counterpart for an Instagram post. The main aim was to communicate and establish the new visual language of the brand.


The design of the website was planned as a simple one-page website to fill the domain with contact details and further information in the first step. Based on the previously designed flyer and Instagram post. MamaSyke is originally from England, but a large part of the workshops and offers take place in Spain. It was therefore important to offer Spanish as well as English and German.


  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • NextJs
  • React
  • Tailwind


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