EXA (rework)

Martin Kohlstedt – joev deconstructs EXA

Martin Kohlstedt’s piano piece Exa was acoustically deconstructed by the artist Joev and should now be visually accompanied with a short video clip. The polygons 3D world mirrors and illustrates the deconstruction of the origin track in a “one-cut”. All individual components of the visual world are influenced and altered by 5 different traces of the acoustic rework.

Workflow + Concept

With the different audio tracks of the remix an analysis was carried out to clearly distinguish the moods in the different sections of the song. Colors were then assigned to these moods. The section lengths were then created as a circular diagram and the colors were assigned accordingly. This was the basis for building the planet in Cinema 4D. Green sections designated land with meadow, where blue, water – that is, the sea – and yellow, is the desert of the planet. The different audio tracks were then assigned to different elements of the 3D planet and deformed according to intensity and pitch. The clip is filmed from a fixed observation camera perspective, with the planet covering exactly one turn in the total length of the song.



  • Abelton Live
  • Cinema 4D
  • Adobe Aftereffects
  • Adobe Illustrator


3D Modeling, Audio Analysis, Animation, Motion, Xpresso