Gel electrophoresis

Formfreunde has rethought and designed a gel electrophoresis.
The interior, i.e. the technology that makes the device functional, was the order here. Here a prototype based on a Raspberry Pi was developed and the electronic circuit was transferred into boards.

image © form friends

The device is controlled by three buttons. There is also a web front end through which the user can observe the process. Here, the camera repairers can also be changed and adapted. If a usb stick is connected, images of the process can be taken directly.

E-CUBE Hardware

The hardware of the E-CUBE was assembled and tested on a breadboard in the first step. Afterwards, boards were developed to bring the E-CUBE to life.

Remote Frontend

Ready to use the E-CUBE

The E-CUBE can be completely remote controlled. For this purpose, only one Wlan-enabled device, such as a smart phone. The process can be started via a well-structured web interface and tracked live via the camera. In addition, the parameters of the camera can be adjusted to get a perfect image result.


  • Illustrator
  • Fritzing
  • Node JS (Frontend, Backend)
  • Bash/Linux Shell
  • Python


Javascript, Css, Html, Bash, RaspberryPi, Prototyping, Soldering, Electronics, Circuit Design, Redis, React