KTM Motohall

Sensor monitors

On behalf of KTM and Atelier Br├╝ckner designed an exhibit for the KTM Motohall that was realised by 17K. I worked on the design and function of 18 display stations.



A motorcycle rides through a projected landscape. The viewer can observe the behavior of the machine on 18 displays. He can also choose between different driving situations. The values of the sensors in the machine are displayed live on the displays, depending on the driving situation.

Source: https://www.1000ps.de/veranstaltungen-3005581-ktm-motohall-mattighofen


Design of the displays

Each sensor conveys different values and units. That’s why I first developed a uniform recognizable design for displaying the displays.


All sensor screens are controlled by a console. In order to make this possible, an application for a RasperryPi was needed which starts automatically when the devices are switched on and waits to get a corresponding scene from the user desk. If the viewer at the desk changes the scene thread the values of the sensor screen it steplessly into the new scene.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Linux Shell
  • Node JS (Frontend, Backend)


Websocket, Javascript, Css, Canvas, Html, Bash, RaspberryPi