Hardware simple

Fritzing is an open source program that makes it easier to enter the world of (creative) electronics. Simplicity lies in particular in the “breadboard” view, in which electronic components are faithfully illustrated. Thus, it is easy to plug a circuit after and later even develop into a real board.

My responsibilities included creating the illustrations, maintaining the component library, developing the software, processing the submitted boards, working directly with the board manufacturer, and customer support.


Github: Fritzing Parts Repository


Concepts of how the future of Fritzing could work and look like.

Fritzing 2.0 Concept

Redesign of the software and interaction concept

Fritzing Parts editor concept

Parts editor or creator for part boards “footprints”


  • Illustrator
  • Aftereffects
  • Svg
  • Qt
  • Git


Svg, Xml, Css, Qss, Github, Qt, Pcb, Circuit Design, Customer Support, Manufacturer Contact